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Radiator Power Flushing

What is Power flushing and why do it?

Heating systems when not looked after or installed correctly can have problems where sludge is generated. This is carried in the velocity of the water in the pipes but dropped in radiators and boiler where the water velocity slows. The sludge is metallic and attracted to the magentic fields in pumps. This can cause the following symptoms, Cold or cool radiators. Kettling or noisy boilers Higher fuel bills Premature failure of pumps and heating equipment Warranty calls turned down by equipment manufacturers.

What can be done if it's in my heating system?

The system can be cleaned using chemicals to clean the system and then treat the system to prevent the problem reoccurring. We also examine the system as sometimes pipe work alterations maybe required to prevent the problem.

What do you do and how much disruption?

We normally can clean a domestic system in one day, we attended and treat the system with a cleaner and the customer operates the system as normal with all radiators on to allow the chemical to do the work. We then attend connect the powerflushing machine at the pump, boiler or a radiator to clean the system.

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